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Solving ReCAPTCHA & 2,585 other Captchas with Astonishing Accuracy!

Keeping more than 31,460 customers happy for the last 8.58 years!

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How would You like paying 300% to 500% less on Captcha Solving? You say Impossible? Well, Think again...

Cheap Captcha Solving Service Our Captcha Solving service saves You 300% - 500% and sometimes even more money compared to what You pay at ANY other Captcha Solving service! Wanna know why?? Well, it is simple.. WE DON'T CHARGE PER CAPTCHA! While all rest services charge per solved captcha image... INCREDIBLE! AMAZING! UNBELIEVABLE! Well, isn't it? With any of our plans You can Solve UNLIMITED Captchas with absolutely NO Restrictions! See the difference now? Let's repeat it again: WE DON'T CHARGE PER CAPTCHA!

Save Big Money from Purchasing Captcha Solving Software!

Captcha Solving Software There are few Captcha Breaking programs available and they are doing good job, however let's tell You few things that were spared to You! These programs cost one time high fee of well over $150.00, which is signifficant amount to pay at once. You need to babysit them for crashes, plus You need strong PC / VPS to run them on, which is again additional recurring expense. Not to mention You need to wait for their developers to update them with new Captchas to solve, which is quite slow because of the one-time fee. Having all that in mind, Our service scratches out all said above and provides You absolutely reliable and professional Captcha Solving at very attractive and affordable rates! Leave Captcha Solving to us!

State-of-the-Art privately kept Automated Captcha Solving software finally UNCOVERED to the Public!

Decaptcher captcha solving service Forget about Humans solving Your Captchas, forget about slow solving times! I mean Really forget it! Unlike all rest Captcha Solving services that use human teams for decoding and solving captchas, Our service is 100% AUTOMATED thanks to the unique, sophisticated and intelligent system developed by Our team of high skilled professional engineers! WE GUARANTEE very high success rate at absolutely lightening fast speed!

Get the MAX out of Your Linkbuilding Campaigns!

Decaptcher Software Did You know You are loosing valuable backlinks by using Captcha Breaking programs and services that miss many Captchas? Well, that is NO MORE! We can proudly say We are the One and Only Captcha Breaking solution supporting 2585 different Captcha Types and counting! We are storing every single Captcha image We weren't able to solve and Our dedicated team is constantly training our system for new Captchas! Using our service GUARANTEES You ever Increasing & Improving Captcha Solving and therefore BOOSTED Linkbuilding! All that at NO additional efforts or cost for You!

Turbo & Nitro charge Your SEO Linkbuilding Tools!

Captcha Breaking Software Are You ready for Captcha Solving that makes Your SEO Linkbuilding tools like they're moving in slow motion? As We already said our service does not rely on humans, but is 100% AUTOMATED! The average captcha solving times of just 0.16 seconds EXPLODES Your SEO Linkbuilding campaigns to the sky, making the tools work 500% - 700% FASTER! Yeah, no kidding! That means Your SEO Linkbuilding tools are now more efficient, fast, stable and reliable! How do You like that??

Here's exactly what You get with Your account

100% Automated Captcha Solving
Solve Unlimited Captchas, absolutely no pay per captcha!
Currently Solving over 2585 different Captcha types
80% - 100% average Solving success rate for most Captchas!
60% - 70% reCaptcha Solving success rate!
Constant Improvements & Updates with new Captcha types
Lightening Fast Solving Times - current average 0.16 sec.
Remote API Access, Documentation & Code Samples
SEO Linkbuilding Tools Integration
Fantastic Statistics & Charts
Free Lifetime 24/7 Customer Service & Support

Stop Paying Big Money for slow Captcha Solving and check Our Unbeatable Plans!

25 Software Threads
5 Captcha Threads
per month
50 Software Threads
10 Captcha Threads
per month
100 Software Threads
20 Captcha Threads
per month
150 Software Threads
30 Captcha Threads
per month
200 Software Threads
40 Captcha Threads
per month
250 Software Threads
50 Captcha Threads
per month
375 Software Threads
75 Captcha Threads
per month
500 Software Threads
100 Captcha Threads
per month
1000 Software Threads
200 Captcha Threads
per month
1500 Software Threads
300 Captcha Threads
per month
2500 Software Threads
500 Captcha Threads
per month
??? Captcha Threads
From small to extremely High volume Plans - We can meet everybody's specific needs!
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Normally when a SEO Linkbuilding tool works not all submitter threads are hitting website that requires captcha solving at the same. Regularly the threads that hit website that requires Captcha solving is around 20-25% percent of all threads.

To decide which plan is the right for You, you need to divide the number of threads you normally run your SEO Linkbuilding tool by 5. For example If you run your software with 100 threads (100 Software Threads) then You need a plan with 20 Captcha Threads

Ofcourse, these are approximate calculcations. If Your submit list for example contains only Captcha requiring websites, the 100 Software threads will be needing 100 Captcha Threads!
You can Upgrade or Downgrade Your account at any time You wish, directly from our website, paying only the prorated difference between both plans!

Currently Integrated SEO Linkbuilding Tools

We are working together with the developers of some of the most famous and widely used SEO Linkbuilding tools to provide You the easiest and comfortable way to use our service with Your favorite Linkbuilding tool! Our Captcha Solving service is currently Integrated with several Linkbuilding programs, so that You only need to insert Your API Credentials in the software settings and it will solve Captchas through us!

31 460 Active and Happy Users

72 805 376 Captchas last 24 Hours

2 393 395 200 Captchas last 30 Days

0.16 sec Current Average Solving Time

2585 Supported Captcha Types

Crazy amounts, aren't they?!!
From long time I have been waiting when the Captcha Solving services will stop charging per captcha and I am very happy to see CaptchaTronix accomplished that!

I am one of the first beta-testers of the service and I saved exactly $83.27 on Captchas on my first day using it! You do the math by yourself how much money CaptchaTronix saves me a month!

Simply sweet, thank You!
Customer Feedback
Barry, USA
I am very very happy to see the days of "per per captcha" gone! And I really mean it! We all were throwing insanely high amounts of money for captcha solving and now We can keep them in our pockets!

I signed up for the service without any hesitations once a friend told me about it. It sounded way too good to be true, but compared to what I was paying for captcha solving I couldn't missed it!

Well, 7 days later I can honestly say this is my best buy for 2014 so far! I highly recommend it to all my friends and We all are happy!

Customer Feedback
Gerard, USA
Being a long time absolutely happy customer of three of the other services You guys operate, I can say You didn't impress me at all with this one! LOL

I am used to receive only highest quality and professional services from You, so I had no other expectations about CaptchaTronix as well! You did it again! Cheers :)

Customer Feedback
Melinda, Canada
Since about 2 years I was using XXXXXXX captcha solving service and I was paying around $350 a month.

Now at CaptchaTronix I am paying only $89.97 a month. That's 400% savings for real!

Keep that pricing and You have me as long term happy and satisfied customer!

Customer Feedback
Jacob, United Kingdom
I just wanted to tell You guys my linkbuilding campaigns are on steroids since I started using Your Captcha Solving service!

With these insanly low solving times ranging between 1 to 3 seconds my GSA SER got UNLEASHED! It is building links atleast 3 times faster than before!!

Customer Feedback
Lucy, USA
I am really impressed by the accuracy of your completely automated OCR! I never expected such high accuracy levels can ever be achieved by a software! Are You guys sure You aren't using humans? LOL :)

Leaving the kidding aside, having that kind of accuracy at the start of Your service I really can't imagine to where You will bring it with the time. Keep up the great work!

Your service is really life and money saver and I am absolutely happy with it!

Customer Feedback
Aleksey, Russia
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